14 de maio de 2011

There Is No Other Way - Andie

I go for my own way to live
There is no one that can forbid
me from choosing my own path


I never said you’d be with me
I don’t like games. Why can’t you see
that all your chattering will only bring you down?


You won’t get me, believe it
I’ll carry on, I mean it
Why won’t you just forget me and move on?


Don’t you think it’s been too much?
It’s just a toy that you can’t touch
Just a song that you can’t play
There is no other way
Spare me all your bitterness
Drive your own road to success
Or there’s a price you’ll have to pay
There is no other way ...

2 comentários:

  1. pelo menos ele é bonito ehehhee

  2. Ei aa musicaa ée BOA *-*
    ee ele ée muito bonito née.


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